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Take your music to sea with the Fusion marine stereos, equipped with the latest audio technology, broadcast your music via Wifi* in the different areas of your boat, control your sound system via a multifunction screen compatible with NMEA2000* technology and many other features to discover on the marine stereos at, the French specialist in marine electronics

Radio Marine RA60
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Radio Marine RA210
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Fusion Marine Stereos

It can be difficult to choose between different Fusion boat radios. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy: 

  • Do I need the NMEA2000 connection?
  • What is the partybus function and the zones?
  • How many speakers can I connect to my marine stereo?
  • The Fusion Link option and sound adjustment via Fusion DSP Preset how does it work?
  • Do I have room to fit it in the dashboard?


Choosing your boat stereo













Power 280 W (4x70 W) 280 W (4x70 W) 280 W (4x70 W) 180 W (4x45 W) 200 W (4x50 W) 200 W (4x50 W)
Multi-zone 4 zones 3 zones 3 zones 2 zones 2 zones 2 zones
Screen 4.3" LCD color touchscreen 2.7" color LCD To be connected to MFD 2.3" LCD 2.7" color LCD To be connected to MFD 
Built-in format 1 Din 135x52mm 135x52mm 135x52mm
AM/FM - Bluetooth - USB ✅   ✅     ✅   ✅   ✅     ✅  
Integrated Wifi ✅   ❌     ❌   ❌   ❌     ❌  
iPhone/iPod compatible ✅   ✅     ✅   ✅  ✅     ✅  
Android compatible ✅   ✅     ✅   ✅  ✅     ❌  
Optical socket ✅   ✅     ✅    ✅   ❌     ❌  
Fusion-Link via NMEA2000 ✅   ✅     ✅   ✅  ✅     ✅  
Fusion-Link via Wifi ✅   ✅*   ✅* ❌   ❌     ❌  
Fusion-Link via Bluetooth ✅   ✅     ✅   ✅   ✅     ✅  

*FusionLink in wifi requires an external router

Guide de cablage fusion stereo / enceinte / ampli

Discover the different types of installation possible

With Fusion, a wide range of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and cables are available to you. But how do you choose your equipment? What type of audio setup is right for you? 

Do you need 2, 4, 6, 8 speakers? Subwoofers? Do you need an amplifier in addition to your stereo?

In this guide you will find a sample installation panel, the corresponding wiring and answers to your questions about the Fusion world and product lines

Download the Merger Guide: typical installations


In this guide, you will find details about the EL, XS and Signature series LED speakers and subwoofers, but more importantly, you will learn about the various wiring and color management options of the LEDs with remote control, multi-function display, map plotter, etc.

Download the Fusion Guide: LED HP & SUB Wiring

guide de cablage enceinte et subwoofer à led
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