Lithium battery

Longer life, less space and weight for the boat, that is the promise of the lithium battery. Because of its excellent performance, this type of battery is highly recommended for electric motors. Discover our selection of portable lithium batteries to navigate with peace of mind.

Batterie Lithium
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What is a lithium battery?

Lithium, a soft alkaline metal, is extremely light and has an impressive energy density. Its high electrochemical potential makes it possible to develop high-performance batteries that offer the longest life on the market, often around 10 years. For a long time reserved for a well-informed public, this cutting-edge technology tends to find its place on sailboats and boats.

Why choose a lithium battery?

Space and weight saving

A lead-acid battery is heavier, bulkier and less powerful than a lithium battery. On average, a lithium battery is three times lighter than an acid battery. The space/capacity ratio of a portable lithium battery is unbeatable. 

Better energy storage thanks to lithium

Lead acid batteries cannot be discharged below 50% of capacity without causing damage or shortening the life of the battery. Most lithium battery models allow a depth of discharge of around 80%. This increase in energy storage is one of the biggest advantages. This type of battery can accept much higher discharge currents than an acid battery, and the same goes for its life span. The slow-discharge marine battery therefore offers many advantages for nautical and marine activities.

Long-term savings

While lithium batteries are an investment at the time of purchase, they last much longer than lead-acid batteries. They last at least three times longer than other batteries. Not to mention that you can use half as many lithium batteries as lead acid.

Lithium batteries, a safe and less polluting option

Lakes, rivers or seas could appreciate this new kind of battery. Water quality and environment are winners! The alkaline in lithium is less reactive to living organisms in the water than acid. The portable lithium batteries available at Comptoir Nautique are sealed and do not suffer from humidity or water splashes. They are safe for nautical and marine applications. Most models include a battery management system (BSM ) that detects dangerous conditions and shuts down the battery to prevent potential damage.

Valise portable batterie lithium

batterie de bateau transportable

How to install a lithium marine battery?

Lithium batteries often fit into the battery bank just as a lead acid battery would. However, you may need additional components to complete your installation. You may want to install a battery monitor, upgrade your inverter or battery charger to optimize performance.

Boats equipped with lithium batteries are less polluting and more economical, no reason not to equip your boat with them! 

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