Dinghy + Engine Pack

In order to facilitate your movements in port or at anchor, comptoirnautique.com has selected for you specially adapted boat and motor dinghy packs. Engines accessible without a licence under 6 CV, light and safe tenders, fast and comfortable boats... All your needs at the best prices are available on Comptoir Nautique.

Pack Annexe + Moteur
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Annexe gonflable pour voilier ou vedette

The boat dinghy, an accessory not to be neglected.

The boat dinghy is a light boat, attached to a carrier vessel. It is mainly used to reach the land from the sailboat or the launch, or the anchorage from the port, without exceeding 300 meters from a shelter. It can also be useful for fishing for example.

To do this, all means of propulsion are possible, but the engine remains the fastest and safest. 

Specially selected appendix and engine packages.

Not all pleasure boat tenders have the same specificities, the same dimensions, the same constructions. Before buying a dinghy, it is good to take into account all these characteristics, especially when it comes to equipping it with an engine. 

That's why, at Comptoir Nautique, we have selected for you boat and motor dinghy packages at the best price, in order to facilitate your research. All the boats we offer are perfectly adapted to the associated motorization.

You will find Horizon dinghy packs with inflatable floor and Suzuki engine up to 4 CV, Raid Plastimo dinghies with battened bottom and Suzuki DF2.5S engine of 2.5 CV, accessible without a licence. Other packages, such as the Fun Plastimo + Suzuki DF4S pack, will offer you a more efficient navigation, in order to reach your boat at anchor comfortably.


Pack annexe et moteur
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