Barbecue & Plancha accessories

To make the most of your on-board cooking equipment, whether it's a gas barbecue, charcoal grill or boat plancha, we offer you a selection of suitable barbecue accessories to facilitate integration on the deck of your sailboat or motorboat. You'll be able to count on a number of brackets, stands or plates that will adapt to your cooking system, for installation on the deck, balcony or rail of your vessel.

The essential cutting tables and kitchen utensils are also available, as well as various cooking plates and grills

And to take the best care of your BBQ, we offer you covers adapted to it, protecting it from bad weather. (barbecue cover, plancha cover...)

Choose thebarbecue accessory you need from our stock of barbecue covers, cast-iron plancha covers and cooking grates on our site. 

Accessoire Barbecue & Plancha
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Barbecue et support pour barbecue


You've just bought your barbecue or plancha for your boat, or you're planning to buy one, but where do you put it? How do you attach it to your boat? What barbecue accessories should you choose?

Depending on the configuration of your boat and the type of barbecue, a wide range of brackets are available. Whether charcoal or gas, round stainless steel or rectangular plancha.

  • Vertical tube support: Allows you to attach your round barbecue to a vertical steel tube.
  • Cane-holder bracket: To fix your round or square barbecue in the hole of a cane-holder.
  • Flat deck support: Mounted on a flat part of the boat, on a ledge or a flat deck.
  • Horizontal tube support: For securing the barbecue to a railing.

Find the type of support that suits your use and your environment, so you can cook comfortably and succeed in every dish.


Marine barbecue utensils are designed to withstand elements such as salt, sand andseawater. They are generally made of stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Among the most useful utensils for a marine barbecue are :

  • Reversible cooking plates, barbecue plancha and cooking grid.
  • Barbecue tongs for safe food handling.
  • A scraper for cleaning the cooking grid.
  • A rimmed spatula for turning food without breaking it.
  • A meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of food.

As far as accessories are concerned, here are some useful items for a sea barbecue:

  • A protective cover to protect the barbecue from bad weather.
  • A cutting board to prepare ingredients before putting them on the grill.
  • A pizza stone to transform your barbecue into a pizza oven for delicious pizzas on your boat.
  • Watertight containers for condiments and sauces.
  • Disposable paper cups and plates for easy cleaning.
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