Foot pump & Hand pump

A foot pump and a hand pump for boats are devices for pumping water on board a boat without the use of electricity. They are used to supply taps, showers, sinks or toilets with fresh or sea water. They are essential navigation instruments to have on board. There are various types of pump, which can be classified according to their mode of operation.

  • Foot-operated pumps are manually operated by pressing a foot pedal. They are generally used on small boats or pleasure craft, and are relatively simple to operate.
  • Hand pumps are operated manually by means of a handle or twist grip. They are also used on small boats, and are generally faster and more efficient than foot pumps.

This type of water pump requires a lot of elbow grease to operate, but is very practical, unlike an electric pump, in the event of a power cut or in a place without electricity

The water pump is an integral part of what's known as a water group, which circulates hot or cold water throughout the boat. The water group therefore comprises a water pump, an exchanger for heating or cooling the water, and a hot water tank.

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Foot pump for boat

The boat foot pump is an important accessory for efficient water management on board. Foot pumps for sinks in particular, and hand pumps operated by a joystick, are two types of manual pumps for boats that require no electrical power.
There are also two different types of pump: the single-acting foot pump, which produces water by pressing only on the pedal, and the double-acting foot pump, which produces water with each movement of the pedal, by pressing and releasing.

Foot-operated pumps are manual pumps that work by operating a pedal with the foot. They are generally used to transfer seawater or rainwater on board for freshwater needs. Foot-operated pumps are often used as an alternative to electric pumps to avoid power failures and save energy. 

Foot-operated sink pumps are similar accessories, but are specially designed for use in sinks, washbasins and other sanitary equipment to collect rain or sea water using the same foot-operated method. They can be placed under a cabinet in the boat's galley or bathroom, and can also be used in a van, caravan or mobile home to bring water to the tap.

Manual pump for boats

In addition to foot pumps, there are also hand pumps, or manual pumps, which can be used to transfer water, oil, fuel or other liquids. They are usually operated by a crank or lever.

Hand pumps are also useful as wash pumps, for example, or bilge pumps with large-diameter valves, as they can easily evacuate wastewater loaded with debris, etc., without the risk of clogging, and are low-maintenance pumps.

In short, boat pumps are important accessories for efficient water management on board, and are often used for specific tasks such as transferring fresh water, sea water, oil or other liquids

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