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There are several types of boat cleaning and sealing products, used for different parts of the boat - deck, hull, cabin - and for different needs. It's important to clean your boat regularly to maintain its appearance and performance, as well as to prevent the build-up of dirt and residues that can cause damage to the hull and mechanical parts, or even clean up after repairs or the application of boat sealant, resin etc... Find the essential products to clean your boat's deck, hull and exterior, but also to care for the interior, surfaces and textiles.
Comptoir Nautique offers a range of boat cleaners, degreasers and accessories to restore your boat's shine, with up-to-date stock and the best prices, so that cleaning your boat is no longer a chore. All you need is a little effort, a little water and your boat will be as clean as new.

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There are several boat cleaning and maintenance products available on the market, each designed to clean different parts of the boat and for different types of dirt and stains. Here are some examples of cleaning products you can use to clean your boat:

  • Boat hull cleaner: This product removes dirt such as algae and shells. Apply with a soft brush and rinse with clear water.
  • Boat engine cleaner: removes grease and residues from engines and propellers. Apply with a dry cloth.
  • Antifouling : A coating that prevents the growth of algae and shellfish on the hull. It is applied before launching and needs to be renewed regularly.
  • Boat interior cleaner: Removes dirt and stains from interior surfaces such as cabins. Apply with a dry cloth and rinse with clean water.
Other specific cleaners are also available, such as inflatable boat cleaners, degreasers, fabric cleaners, dejaunisers, gelcoat finishers, boat shampoos (such as star brite), etc.


Regular cleaning of your boat is important to maintain its appearance and performance, as well as to prevent the buildup of dirt and residue that can cause damage to the hull and mechanical parts. Here are some reasons why you should clean your boat:

  • Prevent algae and shellfish growth: Dirt and residue that accumulates on the boat's hull can be a breeding ground for algae and shellfish growth, which can affect boat performance and cause hull damage. Cleaning your boat regularly can help prevent this growth.
  • Improve your boat's appearance: Regular cleaning can help maintain your boat's shine and appearance, and make it more pleasant to use.
  • Prevent damage: Dirt and residue that accumulates on the mechanical parts and surfaces of the boat can cause long-term damage if not removed. Regular cleaning can help prevent this damage.
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Antifouling is a coating used on the hull of boats to prevent the growth of algae, shellfish and other marine organisms that may cling to the hull. It is usually applied to the hull of the boat before it is launched, and must be renewed regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

Antifouling is made from chemical materials, but nowadays there are environmentally friendly ones. It prevents marine organisms from clinging to the boat's hull. There are several types of antifouling, which differ in their composition and durability. Some types of antifouling are designed to be more durable and abrasion resistant, while others are designed to be easier to apply and remove.

It is important to choose a quality antifouling and renew it regularly to maintain the effectiveness of the protection against marine organisms. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying the antifouling and wear the proper protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses.

Fast delivery to your door

We know that time on the water is precious. That's why comptoir nautique quickly ships your cleaning products right to your door or boat. Our ordering process is simple and efficient, allowing you to quickly receive the products you need to care for your boat. You can choose between colissimo or express chronopost delivery, and payment in instalments.

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