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Garmin is the world leader in marine navigation, known for the quality and reliability of its electronic products. Their color fishfinders are very popular thanks to their performance and intuitive interface. Discover our selection of Garmin color echo sounders at the best prices, a reliable range that's easy to use. Probe the seabed and catch more fish with Garmin Chirp, 2D, Down Imaging or side imaging technology. The Garmin Striker range of echo sounders is perfect for boats, barges and float tubes. Don't forget to buy a ram mount for long-lasting attachment.

Sondeur couleur GARMIN
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Echosondeur Garmin

Color sounder CHIRP, ClearVu and advanced performance

All Garmin color fishfinders feature CHIRP technology, which delivers incredibly detailed images of the seabed with exceptional range and resolution. ClearVu technology further enhances image quality by eliminating bottom echo for optimal visibility.

Several models for every need

  • The Striker Cast is the entry-level model, it's a compact and affordable model, it's a portable fishfinder that fits in your pocket, without a screen, ideal for fishing from the shore, by line or by trolling.
  • The Striker vivid 4CV is a small 4" screen fishfinder equipped with the Clear Vu with a power of 300W and the QuickDraw Contour, ideal for a small boat.
  • The Striker Vivid 7/9 SV offers the essentials of Garmin features with the Clear Vu, Side Vu, a 500W sonar power.


The Garmin range of GPS sonars is called striker vivid, unlike Garmin GPS sounders Echomap UHD or GpsMap XSV, which are much more versatile and tactile, striker vivid offer only what is necessary for a successful fishery. There is no touch here, but a button-based navigation and no port for navigation maps. With a range of screens from 4 to 9 inches.

However, the Garmin sounders Striker Vivid have the best Garmin ClearVu and sideVu sonar technologies as well as the QuickDraw contour function. Sounder power ranging from 300w to 500w allowing the use of Garmin GT52, GT20 transom or through-hole transducers, etc. It is an ideal device for those who need an echo sounder in a kayak or float tube for example.

The Striker Vivid are a very good investment for anglers with excellent value for money.

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