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  • ULTERRA BT 80 Lbs front motor - N°4 - comptoirnautique.com
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ULTERRA BT 80 Lbs front motor

Ref. MK-1358976M

Precise, silent and robust, the Minn Kota ULTERRA 80 GPS front electric motor will be the ideal companion for your freshwater fishing sessions. The real distinguishing feature of this motor is its ability to launch and raise automatically , as well as to adjust the motor depth remotely. It incorporates an enhanced GPS and a remote gyro sensor to offer a wide range of navigation modes.

Powered by 24V, it offers 80 Lbs of power with a 152 cm motor shaft. This version featuresan integratedDSC sensor (Dual Spectrum Chirp ), but the Minn Kota Ulterra 80 Lbs GPS front motor is also available with an integrated MDI+ (Mega Down Imaging ) sensor.

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Integrated probe
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Data sheet

Power in Lbs
80 Lbs
152 cm
Lifting lever
Geostationary, Integrated DSC probe, Mega DI integrated probe
Remote control
Advanced GPS (Co-Pilot, I-Pilot and I-Pilot Link)
With pedal
Product type
Front electric motor


With a152 cm motor shaftAnd a80 Lbs thrust, the Minn Kota Ulterra 80 Lbs GPS front electric motor will be perfect for your riding sessionsFreshwater fishing.

The tree the motor is made of flexible, rust-proof composite material. It features amKP-38 anti-algae propellerso that you can navigate through vegetation no worries.

You can choose to control the motor (navigation and automatic lift modes), or with awireless remote control Wireless with large screen and one-Boat Network compatible(which, if you don't have aHelix "N", powermanage your engine from your compatible smartphone)or with acontrol pedal wired.

Finally, it has the Digital Maximizer, toregulate powermotor output andFine-tune speedOf the boat, which considerably reduces power consumption andextends service lifeOf your battery.

ThisElectric motorMinn Kota Ulterra 80 GPS 24V is available in several versions formeet the needs of a wide range of fishermen:

  • MK-1358976M ➔ Minn Kota ULTERRA 80 Lbs GPS front engine152 cm - with integrated DSC sensor
  • MK-1358971M ➔ Minn Kota ULTERRA 80 Lbs GPS front engine152 cm - with integrated MDI+ probe

sonde dsc dual spectrum chirp intégrée au moteur électrique avant Minn Kota Terrova BT

DSC: DUAL SPECTRUM probe CHIRP for fishing

The probe CHIRP uses a wide frequency range to better fish detection. It emits more pulses for a clearer, more detailed image. It also incorporates atemperature sensor.

  • Target separation :Fish will be better defined on screen thanks to advanced target separation capabilities, distinguishing fish echoes from each other and from the background.
  • Clearly defined fish arches:Fish will appear in long, well-defined arcs for quick identification and accurate presentation of lures.
  • Loud and quiet echoes return:A high signal-to-noise ratio means better-defined targets, less clutter and greater certainty that what you're looking at on the screen is legitimate.

Features :

  • Wide beamFrom 140 to 240khz. Optimizes scanning area, detection and lure tracking.
  • Narrow beamFrom180 to 240khz. Optimizes detail, background reading and target separation.

Compatible with handsets Humminbird with Ethernet functionality.

Advanced GPS and navigation modes

The Ulterra 80 GPS front-mounted motor incorporates a gPS system improved for a multitude of navigation modes :

  • Drift mode : combines course indicator and cruise controlForsimplify management of boat movements, this eliminates the need for floating anchors or other trajectory control devices.
  • Tracking mode :Am automatically a custom contour on a handset Humminbird depending on zone depth, bottom hardness and vegetation density.
  • Dodge mode: allows you to quickly exit automatic navigation mode to maneuver manually through waves and around structures, then resume navigation without resetting the route.
  • Spot Lock & Jog Log :Locks in the position of your fishing spot with unrivalled precision and allows you to move around if necessary
  • Autopilot mode :follow a route predefined on your handset Humminbird
  • Back/return mode :Retraces your route up to 3 km back
  • Circle mode :Scans a fishing zone around a defined point
  • Itracks & Track Offsets mode :Create, store, trace or return to fishing or navigation areas
  • Routes mode :Links multiple Waypoints and Spot-Locks to create a single route
gps amélioré et hélice anti-algues du moteur électrique avant Minn Kota Ulterra 80 DSC

télécommande wireless et pédale de commande Minn Kota pour moteur électrique avant Minn Kota Ulterra BT GPS amélioré compatible One Boat Network

Minn Kota wireless pedal & remote control

Lightweight and waterproof, the Minn Kota Wireless (wireless) Advanced GPS - Spot-Lock remote control allows you tocontrol all enhanced GPS functionsof your Minn Kota Ulterra 80 Lbs GPS electric motor. 

Equipped with a2.1" color display (non-tactile), it has aIntuitive menuAnd asimplified keyboard, you cancustomize four buttons (3 on the front and 1 on the side)Using the One-Boat Network.

The Minn Kota wired foot switch(6m cable)has asmall footprint and aheel/toe use.

It provides access to the main functions: propeller on/off, management speed and direction, activation or deactivation of modes Spot-Lock / Jog Log and the AutoPilot.

From lED indicatorsOn the pedal confirm the use of the navigation modes Spot-Lock, AutoPilot and speed.

It also makes it possible to control automation minn Kota Ulterra engine:

  • Power TrimSets the height of the submersible motor(TRIM)
  • Auto Stow & Deploy: automatically stows or extends the motor

What is the motor shaft length ?

It is important to choose the right shaft length of the Minn Kota motor in relation to the boat. If it's too short, the propeller won't be sufficiently submerged. Comptoir Nautique recommends :

  • Measure the distance between the bow and the waterline.
  • Add 10 cm to the waterline measurement for rough water fishing.
  • Add 30 cm to the waterline measurement to steer a hand-operated motor while standing in the boat.
Distance from bow to waterline Recommended shaft length
From 0 to 25 cm 91 cm
From 40 to 55 cm From 106 to 114 cm
From 55 to 71 cm From 121 to 132 cm
From 71 to 11 cm From 137 to 182 cm
Over 114 cm From 220 to 254 cm
Comment choisir la longueur d'arbre d'un moteur avant Minn Kota eau douce

Technical specifications of the Minn Kota Ulterra 80 LBS GPS + DSC front engine

Environment Fresh water
Mounting location Front of boat
Motor shaft length 152 cm
Voltage 24V
Power 80 LBS
Speeds Dimmer switch
Gyro sensor Deported
Enhanced GPS (Spot-lock, Auto-Pilot) ✔️
Ethernet ✔️
Bluetooth ✔️
One-Boat Network ✔️
DSC probe (Dual Spectrum Chirp) ✔️
Self-deployment/storage ✔️
Shaft length adjustment(via remote control) ✔️


  • Enhanced GPS
  • Easy to control
  • Quiet motor
  • Anti-algae propeller
  • Integrated DSC sensor
  • Connectivity Humminbird
  • Automatic deployment
  • Different navigation modes


  • 1 - Minn Kota Ulterra 80 LBS GPS 24V 152 cm front engine
  • 1 - Probe Dual Spectrum Chirp integrated
  • 1 - Wired control pedal (6m cable)
  • 1 - Minn Kota wireless remote control
  • 1 - Weedless Wedge propeller 2 MKP-38
  • 1 - Ethernet network cable (9m)
  • 1 - Probe adapter
  • 1 - PDF documentation


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