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  • EchoMAP Ultra 102sv avec GT56 - N°1 - comptoirnautique.com
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  • EchoMAP Ultra 102sv avec GT56 - N°3 - comptoirnautique.com
  • EchoMAP Ultra 102sv avec GT56 - N°4 - comptoirnautique.com
  • EchoMAP Ultra 102sv avec GT56 - N°5 - comptoirnautique.com
  • EchoMAP Ultra 102sv avec GT56 - N°6 - comptoirnautique.com

EchoMAP Ultra 102sv

Ref. 010-02111-00

The EchoMAP Ultra 102sv CHIRP from Garmin is a hybrid touch + button GPS fishfinder with a 10" screen .

It integrates an ultra-sensitive GPS antenna and a sounder with all the best technologies: 2D CHIRP HW, Ultra ClearVü CHIRP and Ultra SideVü CHIRP for excellent fish detection performance.

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Data sheet

Screen size
Sounder technology
2D + Down + Side Imaging, Panoptix compatible
Screen type
Touch and Buttons
Our opinion
Device compatibility
Multimedia, Panoptix, Autorouting function, Bluetooth, AIS, Wifi
NMEA compatibility
NMEA 0183 + NMEA 2000
Sounder power
Bathymetry included
Ease of use
Product type
GPS sounder, Chartplotter Sounder


The EchoMAP Ultra 102sv CHIRP from Garmin is a GPS fishfinder plotter with a hybrid screen (touchscreen + buttons). It features different sounder technologies depending on the probe chosen: 2D Traditional CHIRP HW / UltraClearVü CHIRP mode / UltraSideVü CHIRP side scan ultra-high definition

Built-in 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS antenna for fast refresh rates 10 times faster antennas on the market (1Hz). Heading and position data are updated up to 10 times per second to reproduce the boat's position more faithfully and store up to 5,000 waypoints with the utmost precision - even at low speed. Sounder data and GPS position history are stored simultaneously. In this way, you can create a waypoint at any time via the sounder recordings.

You can share sounder data, waypoints and routes with the Echomap Ultra 10 and Echomap Ultra 12 inch models, as well as the Echomap Plus 7 and 9 inch models.

Echomap Ultra 102sv is compatible withpanoptix Livescope probes to enjoy Panoptix Livescope technology without the need for a black box.



In addition to powerful 500W ClearVü and SideVü ultra-high-definition scanning, the GT56UHD-TM features the Vivid color palette.

The scanning sounder's vivid, high-contrast colors make it easier than ever to identify targets and bottom structure.

The GT56 probe offers 4 frequencies sweeping :

  • 2D CHIRP Traditional Wide Angle: 150-240khz (300W)
  • ClearVü and SideVü UHD 455 kHz (425-485 kHz)
  • ClearVü and SideVü UHD 800 kHz (790-850 kHz)
  • ClearVü and SideVü UHD 1000 kHz (940-1100 kHz)

You'll enjoy ultra-high-definition SideVü with a 20% greater range at 1000 kHz (up to 150 meters on each side of your boat)


The Echomap Ultra 102sv features the traditional CHIRP echo sounder: one of the most innovative technologies on the market. This allows ideal detection at depths of up to 240m (manufacturer's data), thanks to its high-frequency CHIRP coverage on a wider beam than usual.

  • Denser information and sharper, high-resolution images
  • Better target separation and sharper rendering of fish arches
  • Improved bottom tracking and fish detection even at high speed

The device also supports probes integrated into Minn Kota® and MotorGuide® electric motors (optional adapter).

Not available on GT34UHD probe version

echomap 92 sv 2D.jpg



ClearVü technology is the most efficient on the market. It delivers clear, high-quality images quasi-photographic of everything going on beneath the water's surface. You'll be able to see submerged structures, fish and objects with pinpoint accuracy.

  • See thermoclines: boundary between water layers and oxygen-rich zones.
  • Fish identification: no room for interpretation, it identifies clearly.
  • Reveal structures: shipwrecks, vegetation, bridge piers, mortises...


SideVü technology lets you see what's happening on both sides of the boat. You'll be able to spot structures and, above all, fish. It's accurate with a highly detailed image à high resolution.

This function makes it possible to locate fishing areas more quickly, thanks to an extremely wide 180° scanning field.




Quickdraw Contours software creates your hD fishing cards in real time. It's now possible to create your own maps without any special knowledge.

With the Echomap Ultra 102sv, you can store the equivalent of 8000 km² of maps Quickdraw Contours with bathymetric curves displayed every 30 cm.

Download maps or share your own by connecting via WI-FI to the free ActiveCaptain app. Receive on-screen notifications of new updates to your echo sounder via the app.


Echomap Ultra 102sv gives you the best maps: BlueChart g3 or BlueChart g3 Vision. These maps include all the data Navionics, autoguiding technology and a host of other options. Use a microSD card (max. 32 GB) to store all your maps.

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, pair your device with the free ActiveCaptain app and access OneChart to update, buy or download new maps.

The Echomap Ultra has a dual card reader, unlike the Echomap UltraGarmin Echomap UHD that only have one




  • Panoptix LiveScope2 sounders in one (Down and Forward), perfectly detailed real-time image
  • LiveVü Forward: See what's happening in front of your boat in real time
  • RealVü 3D Forward3D modeling of what's happening in front of your boat
  • FrontVüAvoid collisions, this mode displays obstructions in real time
  • LiveVÜ DownReal-time indication of forage fish balls and predators under the boat's hull (distance and depth)
  • RealVü 3D Historical3D view of the entire water column and fish (as the boat moves)
  • RealVü 3D Down: Scans the entire water column (bow and stern), a 3D display even when the boat is stationary.



Connect an optional Panoptix LiveScope Plus LVS34 probe and enjoy instant, LIVE probing !

Visitlivescope Plus technology(Down and Forward and Perspective) of the probePanoptix Livescope LVS34Offer35% more target separationCompared with the existing system(LVS32)With sharper resolution, reduced noise and the clearest images on the market Garmin.

VisitlVS34 probeIs able to identify and separate targets as small as 14 inches at distances of 10 feet from the boat, so anglers can see exactly what they need.

It benefits from the palette of7 Vivid colorsTo optimize contrast

ProbeLiveScope LVS34Optional.

EchoMAP Ultra 102sv GT56 avec livescope Lvs34


  • Wifi compatible
  • WXGA touchscreen
  • 500W HD-ID sounder module
  • 10Hz GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Resolution: 1,280 x 800 pixels
  • ClearVü and SideVü technology
  • Dimensions : 295 x 195 x 98 mm
  • MicroSD™ card slot Garmin


  • 1 - Garmin 10" EchoMap Ultra
  • 1 - Fixing kit
  • 1 - Flush-mounting kit
  • 1 - Protective cover
  • 1 - Probe (depending on model)
  • 1 - Power/data cable
  • 1 - Quick-release bracket
  • 1 - Adapter for 8 pin probe (without probe)
  • 1 - PDF documentation


Customer Reviews (7)

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7 reviews

Questions / Answers (1)

Bonjour, j'ai une sonde Livescope LVS34 branché sur mon sondeur Echomap Ultra 2 , je souhaiterais savoir si la sonde s'allume uniquement quand on sélectionne le livescope, ou si elle est allumée tout le temps par défaut ? Merci

Guy, the 03/06/2024

Bonjour, le fonctionnement est le suivant :

Lorsque la sonde Livescope LVS34 est branchée sur votre sondeur Echomap Ultra 2 et que la GLS10 (le boîtier Livescope) est alimenté, alors la sonde Livescope LVS34 sera en fonctionnement par défaut lorsque vous allumez l'écran du sondeur, même si vous n'utilisez pas le mode Livescope sur votre sondeur. Si vous désactivez la transmission de la sonde, au prochain rallumage du sondeur, la sonde restera désactivée.

Pour désactiver la transmission de la sonde Livescope LVS34, vous avez 2 solutions :

  1. Appuyer une fois sur le bouton d'alimentation de votre sondeur pour accéder au menu rapide, puis désactiver toutes les transmissions des sondes.
  2. Aller dans le menu du mode Livescope sur votre sondeur et désactiver la transmission de la sonde.

Attention à ne pas laisser la sonde Livescope LVS34 alimentée et en transmission hors de l'eau, car cela pourrait l'endommager.

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