Boat wind turbines

The wind turbine is a simple, efficient and clean way to generate electricity for your boat's onboard instruments. Silent, it is an essential device to extend the autonomy of a sailboat and allow longer and safer cruises.

The electricity produced by the wind turbine is stored in batteries and can be used to power various electrical equipment on board the boat. Wind turbines for boats are particularly useful for boats that spend a lot of time at sea and need a sustainable source of energy. Like solar energy, wind turbines depend on an external factor to operate: wind speed.

It is useful on a boat to diversify its energy sources by opting for a wind kit but also solar panels, generator etc.. 

In this category, you'll find a selection of wind turbines for all boat models, as well as voltage regulators, mounting kits, and parts and accessories such as replacement blades at the best prices and from the best brands such as silentwind, ATMB ...

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Éolienne marine sur un voilier


In order to meet our electricity needs without using the boat's engine (and consuming gasoline), we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of the natural elements to recharge our batteries. One of the options available to us is the wind turbine for boat. This one will be able to compensate our energy consumption by feeding an alternator through its blades, moved by the wind, a green and free energy.

It is important to keep in mind that the marine wind turbine is more efficient when anchored, as it benefits from a more stable and regular wind, but can also be useful when sailing.

With a relatively easy installation, the new generations of wind turbines for boats are quieter and more efficient. The wind turbine can, of course, be coupled with a solar panel or a hydrogenerator, in order to meet the electrical needs, whatever the context: while sailing, at anchor, in clear weather ...

Our advisors and experts at Comptoir Nautique are at your disposal for all technical questions, maintenance or installation of your equipment, but also for all questions concerning prices, available stock or delivery times.


Wind turbines on boats work in a similar way to domestic wind turbines or those installed in fields. They can be vertical or horizontal. They are designed to convert thewind's kinetic energy into electricity, which can be used to power the boat's electrical systems, such as lights, navigation and electronics.

Wind turbines work by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity through a process called wind energy conversion. When the wind blows on the turbine blades, it spins them, which drives an electric motor located inside the turbine's nacelle. The electric motor is connected to a generator that converts the motion into electricity.

Wind turbines on boats can be connected directly to the boat's batteries to store the electricity produced, or they can be connected to an inverter that converts the electricity produced from direct current to alternating current to power the boat's electrical appliances.

It is important to use a regulator to control the charge of the batteries and prevent them from overcharging or overdischarging. This can extend the life of the batteries and ensure that the boat has the electricity it needs to operate safely.

Éolienne Silentwind en pleine mer

Éolienne Silentwind + panneau solaire bateau


It's important to note that wind turbines may not produce enough electricity to power all the boat's appliances at all times, especially if the wind is not strong enough.

It may therefore be necessary touse other sources of energy on his boat. The generator, for example, can be the main source of electricity and the windmill, used only when the wind is strong enough to make it turn efficiently, ditto for the sun.

The means of generating electricity on a boat are mainly: electric generator, wind turbine, solar panel, hydro-generator.

It is possible to use a generator to power a boat at the same time as a wind turbine, or a solar panel. 

Care must be taken not to overcharge the boat's batteries when using multiple power sources at the same time. A charge controller can be used to control the charge of the batteries.

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Note that our wind turbines for boats are also adaptable to motor homes, mobile homes etc...


In addition to our wind turbines, we also offer a variety of complementary products to further enhance your offshore energy system. Discover our solar panels for an additional source of energy, our high-quality marine batteries and controllers to store excess electricity, and then all the marine electronic equipment you need, plotter, GPS antenna, autopilot, charts, navigation compass to guide you at full knots on the water.

Whether you're looking to improve your energy self-sufficiency, reduce your carbon footprint or simply enjoy the power of the wind on your ocean voyages, offers a complete range of wind energy products for boats. Explore our selection and make the smart, green choice for your boat.

Éolienne Silentwind + panneau solaire bateau
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