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As the real brain of your autopilot, the calculator is a part that must be chosen with care. The Comptoir Nautique team puts its expertise at your service to offer you a selection of the best autopilot computers for your boat.

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pourquoi installer un calculateur de pilote

Why install a pilot calculator?

The pilot computer is the heart of the autopilot system and contains the electronic components needed to operate the system and connect key components together (such as rudder angle sensors or heading sensors). The Pilot Computer is designed to assist in navigation, regardless of sea or weather conditions, as long as it is adapted to your boat.

In general, this technical part can be adapted to hydraulic steering pumps, low-current solenoid valves or mechanical power units such as electric or hydraulic linear actuators. It is thanks to the pilot calculator that the automatic steering system is well functional!

Technical characteristics of a pilot computer

Pilot computers benefit from advanced technology, recent innovations have improved the field of autopilot development. The algorithm, a cleverly developed software, is at the heart of this technology that offers an intelligent pilot and an improved navigation experience. 

The rudder angle sensor, connected to the rudder via a mechanical link, informs the pilot computer in real time and continuously of the rudder position. The system is then able to make the right decisions about steering the vessel. These sensors are usually installed on sailboats >10m and inboard powerboats. There is also a "virtual" rudder angle sensor technology that reduces the complexity of mounting it, such as for outboard powered boats.

The installation of the pilot computer is easy and simplified. The connectivity is "Plug and Play": connect the compass sensor, the rudder angle sensor, the autopilot control panel and the power unit in each identified terminal block. Power up the unit, follow the setup wizard and you are ready to sail!  

Connexion calculateur pilote garmin

Quel calculateur de pilote choisir ?

Which driver calculator to choose?

Comptoir Nautique offers you different models of autopilot computers. The EV-200 autopilot computer developed by Raymarine is ideal for sailboats up to 11t equipped with a mechanical jack or hydraulic pump. Its installation is easy and requires little wiring. 

For racers, the new Gyropilot 3 computer from NKE is even more advanced with the addition of true wind mode, apparent wind mode, compass mode, helm mode, GPS mode, polar mode and the "SUPER" gust mode. Rugged and efficient, this model is famous for its accurate calculations and its ability to follow a course, a track or the wind in all sea and wind conditions. It is the ideal model for racing or regattas. 

For a quality piloting, and a newfound freedom, install an automatic pilot on your boat!

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