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Since 1975, Victron Energy has been developing high-performance stand-alone systems for storing, regulating and redistributing locally-produced solar energy. Based in the Netherlands, this internationally renowned company designs a wide range of innovative equipment such as solar controllers, battery chargers, inverters and compact, durable photovoltaic panels, ideal for mobile users. Thanks to their expertise and cutting-edge technology, Victron Energy offers intelligent, tailor-made solutions to suit your needs, whether you're equipping a boat, motorhome or off-grid residential installation. Their comprehensive range enables you to optimally manage the solar energy produced, efficiently recharge your batteries and redistribute the power to your appliances via high-performance converters. Renowned for their legendary reliability, their durable products guarantee perfect energy autonomy wherever you are. Whether you're a keen adventurer or an isolated resident, Victron's AGM, GEL or LiFePo4 batteries will ensure many charges and discharges without loss of performance. Their MPPT solar controllers offer optimum energy yields even in small installations. Their wide choice of heavy-duty solar panels, blue Smart chargers, inverters and accessories (cables, connectors, extension leads, etc.) means you can easily design a customized system to suit your needs and budget. Comptoir Nautique's extensive stock and logistical responsiveness enable us to supply you with all the Victron Energy products you need for your installation, so you can enjoy sustainable energy autonomy at the best price in Europe.

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