A good energy management on board is an essential parameter to sail in all serenity, without worrying about the consumption of electronics or other electrical devices on board. Hydrogenerators offer a solution for energy autonomy on board cruising or racing yachts that respects the environment. It is a product which allows to recharge the batteries of the sailboat while sailing. The hydrogenerator uses the speed of the boat to produce energy.

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Hydrogénérateur Watt&Sea avec systeme de relevage


Originally designed for offshore racing, in order to meet the power needs of sailing boats, the hydrogenerator has become an essential part of the onboard equipment. Its particularly easy operating mode has finally won over the general public and especially yachtsmen

In fact, all you have to do is submerge the hydrogenerator fixed to the transom of the boat so that the propeller turns and generates electricity. The process is efficient enough to guarantee a sufficient production to power the electrical equipment on board: instrumentation, GPS, sensors, VHF, autopilot, as well as the refrigerator or the cabin heating.

Very easy to use, the hydro-generator is equipped with a lifting system allowing the pilot to lower or raise it according to the sea conditions, ideal or not for the production of electricity (see: cruising 600 model below)

In this category, we offer you a selection ofWatt&Sea hydrogenerators, inventor of the process and widely used on board the largest ocean racing yachts. Well-known models such as Cruising 600, Cruising 300, Pod 600, etc.

The French brand also offers a model capable of being fixed under the hull, just aft of the keel, in order to simplify the installation on certain sailboats whose architecture does not allow a fixing on the rear part.


A boat hydrogenerator is a device used to generate electricity using the kinetic energy of moving water. The propeller of the hydro-generator rotates in the water, which drives an alternator that produces electricity.

The higher the speed of the boat, the more electricity will be generated. The size of the propeller also affects the amount of electricity generated, as a larger propeller will be able to capture more kinetic energy from the moving water at low speeds, while a smaller propeller will be more efficient at high speeds because it will leave less drag.

At anchor, the hydrogenerator can also remain submerged, the water current will allow to turn the propeller, but a use in navigation is preferable for an optimal energy production. The electric production is in direct relation with the wind speed in knots which makes the sailboat advance.

The hydrogenerator is to be used in addition to other energy production systems such as wind turbines, solar panels, generators. It allows to recharge the batteries by using the speed of navigation, it is thus ideal for example for the regattas and to gain in electrical autonomy.

Hydrogénérateur Watt&Sea pour voilier
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