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A marine generator is a device used to generate electricity on board a boat. It is often used as a backup power source or as a primary power source to power the boat's electrical appliances and equipment and especially to recharge the boat's batteries. Marine generators can be powered by different energy sources, such as diesel, gasoline... Find our range of marine generators at the best price on comptoirnautique.

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In order to gain autonomy during navigation, crossing, regatta or cruising, it is essential to consider additional energy sources to the only engine of the boat. Moreover, the fuel reserves (diesel) of the latter must remain optimal in case of necessity to navigate with the engine.

In addition to the hydrogenerator, the solar panel or the wind turbine, which can be considered as additional devices, the marine generator is a perfectly reliable generator, which can be used whatever the weather and navigation conditions.

It will provide the voltage and power necessary for the operation of the electronic instrumentation, as well as for the comfort elements such as the refrigerator or the heating.

These diesel engines are ideally suited for their intended marine use. 

You will find in this category our selection of generators: single-phase, three-phase, portable or fixed, in 220 V or 12 V.


Marine generators are designed to be used on board a boat, which means that they are generally more compact and lighter, but also more resistant to sea spray, salt and water than conventional generators used on land. There is no real difference between a "special boat" marine generator and a "normal" generator.

However, this does not mean that land-based generators cannot be used on a boat. If you are looking to purchase a generator for a boat, it is important to choose a model that is appropriate for your needs in terms of power, weight and size.

That is to say, assess your needs in terms of electricity on board the boat, power required, how many batteries to recharge, devices to power? How many outputs are needed? Where is the generator placed? Because this one can generate noise so it will be necessary to look at the noise level of your future purchase also etc...

You should also make sure that the generator you purchase meets the standards and regulations for use on a boat.

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Boat generators are essential equipment for recreational and professional fishing boats. They generate electricity to power the boat's various systems, such as lighting, electronics and propulsion equipment.

Boat generators are products that can be powered by different energy sources, such as combustion engines, diesel engines or even gas engines. It is usually one of the main power supplies of the boat along with the batteries.

Marine generators generally use an alternator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator is powered by an engine, such as a Honda or Mase engine, which can be single or multi-phase (single phase, three phase etc...). You will need to check the number of phases of the alternator to ensure that it is compatible with the electrical parts of the boat.

When purchasing an alternator, it is important to consider the engine speed (in RPM) and the power of the alternator to ensure that it is capable of providing sufficient power for the various systems on the boat.

Finally, it should be noted that the boat generators must be equipped with an efficient exhaust system to avoid gas leaks and guarantee safe use. Moreover, depending on the room in which it will be installed, it will be necessary to foresee a good evacuation of gases towards the outside.


If you are wondering " how to choose my boat generator " or " which generator will be the most suitable for my needs ", do not hesitate to contact our expert advisors at Comptoir Nautique.

They will answer all your technical questions concerning the operation or maintenance of your equipment, find the range that suits you, as well as all other questions related to prices, payment terms, shipping or delivery of your order.

Number one in marine electronics, our team of enthusiasts can be reached by phone, e-mail or via social networks.

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