Electricity is essential for the proper functioning of marine instruments and must be distributed in a very specific way on a boat. Indeed, the weather conditions being difficult, the electrical equipment must meet strict safety standards but also precise needs. Marine batteries are very useful on a boat during a crossing to power electrical appliances, electric motors,boat equipment etc... The batteries can be recharged via several means: wind turbine, solar panels, marine generator...

You will find in this section the equipment for energy production, energy storage, distribution or conversion, as well as battery chargers.

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Hydrogénérateur Watt&Sea


If you do not have to anchor in port every day during your sailing, your crossings or regattas, in a sailboat or motorboat, it is good to have on board alternative means of recharging and supplying power to the domestic terrestrial network. This is why we propose, in this section, various types of electricity generators: wind turbine, solar panel or generator, are all relatively widespread solutions in terms of energy production.

But boats have the advantage of being able to generate electricity simply by moving on the surface of the water, thanks to the hydrogenerator. The Pod 600 from Watt&Sea, for example, is a 600W through-hydrogenerator, capable of generating electricity from 3 knots. You will quickly obtain 8 A at 5 knots. Enough to power your onboard instruments, your equipment and your electrical installation (lighting, heating ...).

In these departments, you will find all the appropriate accessories and connectors. 


Once the electricity is generated, storage will allow you to take advantage of the energy produced. Batteries will fill this role, to power your entire system.

In the energy storage section, you will discover our selection of marine batteries, starter batteries and mixed batteries. Most of them are now equipped with Lithium technology. They do not require maintenance, are more resistant, and offer a longer autonomy and life span than lead batteries.

Of course, all the accessories such as voltmeters or battery managers, circuit breakers or load balancers, are available on our store.

Do not hesitate to contact our consultants for any technical question or concerning the prices, the shipping, the stock or the returns.  

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