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Find and catch more fish easily with portable fishfinders. Lightweight and compact, portable fishfinders let you view all the information directly on your smartphone. Set-up is a snap. You'll be ready to fish in minutes!

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Sondeur Portable striker cast et Deeper


Portable wireless fishfinders are divided into 2 brands:

Deeper and Garmin.

A portable sounder is designed for shore fishing, casting like a bait at the end of its line and probing the bottom to provide you with information on your smartphone.

A mini-sounder can also be used for trolling or ice fishing, for example.

  • Deeper is the historic brand and creator of the wireless, portable fishfinder concept.

    Founded in 2012 by two Finnish anglers who wanted to create a fishfinder that could fit in the palm of your hand, yet have all the technology of today's screen-based fishfinders in a small 7cm-diameter ball.

    The gamble paid off, as the Deeper range of portable fishfinders now includes 6 small, portable Bluetooth fishfinders that connect to your smartphone to display the bottom view.

    • Garmin the Striker Cast, a competitor to Deeper, was unveiled in 2020.

    Working in the same way, the sounder pairs up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to display sounder info.

    The striker Cast benefits from Garmin 's mapping technologies and expertise, including the Quickdraw Contours function.

    How to choose a portable fishfinder?

    The miniaturization of today's technologies is taking portable fishing to the next level.

    Today's angler no longer needs a screen, cable or battery.

    With a Deeper or Garminsimply attach this little ball weighing around a hundred grams to the end of your line, cast it out and watch what's happening at the bottom of the water on your smartphone.

    Several technologies detailed in each product sheet will be available or not depending on the model chosen:

    The Deeper CHIRP + and CHIRP+ 2 will feature the following technology Chirp technology for a clear view of the seabed and precise images up to 100m.

    You'll find some models with theGPS option, like the blue version ofStriker Cast or the Deeper PRO+ 2 for creating nautical charts of your fishing spots, for example.

    But also : Bathymetry, Wifi, Quickdraw Contour, temperature...

    If you'd like to get started in portable fishing, analyze your needs and make your choice from among the various portable fishfinders available at the best prices on Comptoir Nautique.

    Pêche portable VS pêche classique
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