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The manufacturer Calypso Marine is specialized in the wireless wind vane with ultrasonic operation. This allows to have an unequalled precision because of the absence of moving parts. Install your Calypso wind vane anywhere thanks to the numerous mounting accessories.

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Anémomètre à ultrason Calypso


Why choose an ultrasonic anemometer over its mechanical "ancestor"? First of all, it is important to understand how an ultrasonic anemometer works in order to compare it. 

Pairs of electromagnetic transducers communicate in pairs, alternating the role of transmitter and receiver. When the wind passes through the signal emitted between two transducers, the reception time of the sound signal is slowed down. From this measurement, wind speed and wind direction can be deduced

There is no mechanical movement or moving parts, reducing the risk of wear and tear and increasing the reliability of the equipment.

Another induced phenomenon: there is no inertia, the data are processed in a very short time, giving real time and very accurate information. Indeed, a wind vane and a classical anemometer are subject to a certain inertia due to their mechanical mode of operation.

Advantages of the ultrasonic anemometer:

  • Linear data
  • Sensitivity of 0.25 kn
  • Accuracy up to 80 kn
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Ultra compact and light


The Calypso brand specializes in the design of a bluetooth (wireless) anemometer / wind vane, capable of connecting to your equipment through its mobile application. You will be able to see the display of your wind data captured by your instrument, on your tablet, cell phone or your Garmin GPS watch.

Comptoir Nautique, specialist in electronics for boats, assures you the best advice, the best prices and the best support in the choice of your equipment.

Capteur ultrason de la gamme d'instruments Calypso

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