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The float tube will be the essential ally for any experienced freshwater fisherman, whatever the conditions, freshwater fishing will be facilitated by the float tube and all its accessories. Lure box, rod holder, motor support or battery box. The float tube is a small inflatable boat that inflates quickly and will allow great ease of movement on the water while carrying all your fishing equipment. Find our float tubes and essential accessories at the best prices at Comptoirnautique.com, the French specialist in marine electronics.

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There are 4 types of float tube, the float tube in cordura fabric Hard Fabric Line as the Heko 145 or the One Renegade for example they are composed of 2 inflatable tubes to be inserted in a robust fabric in cordura 600D. Generally the area of contact with water is in PVC 1000D.

The hybrid line which includes the Cobra 170, the Skullway 170 etc... is a range designed to be inspired by semi-rigid boats such as zodiacs. They are designed without inner tubes, all in PVC 1000D which makes them extremely robust and almost puncture-proof. The Tomahawk 160 is a V-shaped boat with a W-shape, a float tube not to be missed.

Flatform float tubes, represented by the Flatform Junior or the Jungle Operator, are a completely different type of float tube from the Air Dropstitch category, named after the dropstitch material, which is made of 3D Mesh that, once inflated, stiffens the whole thing, allowing you to fish standing up, for example. This is the same 3D mesh PVC technology used on inflatable paddles.

Finally, the Pontoon format like the "Poontoon" is a kind of float tube halfway between the catamaran and the boat, raised on an aluminum structure and composed of 2 inflatable tubes, its shape and structure allows its user not to get wet and to row without getting tired.



Made of 600D cordura fabric and inflatable bladder, the float tubes of this range are rather recommended for short fishing sessions or occasional fishermen.

Resistant and comfortable, the canvas float tubes like the One Renegade on the left have 2 side bags and a mesh apron to measure the fish. The cushion can be inflatable or foam. You will need to purchase fins to fully enjoy this type of float tube.

They generally support up to 130kg, enough to carry some extra accessories in your bag.



The Hybrid Line float tubes are a mix between a semi-rigid boat like a zodiac and a float tube like theExplorer 170.

Made of 1000D PVC, they are solid and their composition makes them modular. It is possible to attach any type of accessory. Thanks to Extasy Glue you can stick pads on your float tube and customize it (camera holder, motor support, selfie pole, rod holder or even handle or rings...) take a look at the float tube accessories section. 

The hybrids have an inflatable seat in dropstitch or foam, they can be sold with oars, an inflator and a repair kit. Easy to inflate, fold and store, depending on the model, you can also carry it on your back thanks to the shoulder straps.



Like the Flatform EVO for example, the platform float tubes are extremely stable and have the possibility of adding a motor (if motor support is provided), their unique dropstitch composition gives them a solidity and a rigidity that can withstand any test.

Find the sensation of gliding of the stand up paddle with a float tube. Split the water at full speed thanks to the "batwing" shape of the float tube and your electric motor or your fins...

Fish standing up for more comfort while overlooking the spot and add your accessories with Plug&Go bases etc.



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