Electric flaps

The cheapest Lenco electric flaps are at Comptoir Nautique, all the electronics at the best price. Choose your flaps according to the length of your boat. What is the purpose of a flap kit on your boat? The flaps are attached to the back of the boat and are tilted up and down with an appropriate flap switch. The tilt of the flaps impacts the boat's inclination and improves its speed/power ratio, thanks to the flaps you consume less for a maximum speed. The flaps are used to correct the boat's trim by raising or lowering the nose of the motorboat and allow your boat to run flat on the water. Lenco flaps are of superior quality with stainless steel scoops and solid cylinders that require no maintenance. Very easy to install, the flaps can also ensure a comfortable navigation during swell or crosswind by raising only one flap out of two for example and thus correct the trim perpendicular to the navigation.

Flaps électriques
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