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Lenco Marine specializes in marine equipment, including electric and hydraulic flaps. Their range includes flap kits made up of flaps, cylinders and cables, offering different options and sizes to meet the needs of boaters. Lenco flaps are renowned for their quality and durability, offering optimum performance for safer, more comfortable boating. Whether for standard use or high performance, Lenco offers the right solution for every boat.
Lenco electric flaps offer significant advantages. Thanks to their electrical system, they enable precise and instantaneous adjustment of the flap inclination. At the touch of a button on a compatible switch, the flaps are raised or lowered, optimizing boat speed, performance and stability. The thickness of Lenco hinges ensures increased strength and reliability, guaranteeing long-term use without compromising on quality.
Lenco also offers spare parts and accessories for flap maintenance and repair, such as cylinders, cables etc... Allowing sailors and pilots to extend the life of their equipment. Lenco Marine is a well-known brand in the field of marine equipment, particularly electric flaps for boats. Their products, such as Lenco flap kits, Lenco standard single-cylinder or high-performance flaps, Super Strong double-cylinder flaps, offer exceptional stability, performance and durability. With attention to detail, fast shipping and parts availability, Lenco Marine is committed to providing quality solutions for boaters looking for reliable electrical equipment for their boats.

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