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Whether you're sailing inshore or offshore, beyond 6 miles from a shelter, a life raft is mandatory on board a vessel in France. In the event of shipwreck, major damage or any other emergency situation, life rafts will enable you to await rescue in complete safety.

It's important to maintain your raft regularly. This warranty is offered by various manufacturers if the raft has been properly maintained.

Various models of ISO-standard liferafts are available in bags or containers, such as the Plastimo Transocean -24h ISO liferaft. Find coastal or offshore liferafts for boats and their accessories at the best prices on

Radeaux de survie
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radeaux de survie

Adapt your life raft to your navigation

There are two types of ISO liferafts for boats: inshore and offshore. 

  • Inshore rafts: in the "semi-offshore" category for sailing up to 60 miles from a shelter. Inshore liferafts are designed for moderate sailing conditions, with a capacity of 4 to 8 people.

  • Offshore rafts: designed and mandatory for sailing beyond 60 miles from a shelter. These liferafts are designed for long voyages where significant sailing conditions may be encountered (strong winds and heavy swells). They can carry from 4 to 12 people, depending on the model.

Construction and armament

All life rafts are designed to withstand emergency situations. They have excellent buoyancy, but also very good visibility so that they can be quickly spotted by the rescue services.

Depending on the model of ISO-compliant liferaft you choose, you'll find a range of survival equipment. 

These weapons are generally distinguished into two categories:

  • Light: for an estimated wait of less than 24 hours for help 
  • Full armament pack: for an estimated 24-hour wait for help (including food and water supplies, SOLAS suit, electric flashlights).

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Storage according to your needs

You have two options for storing your liferaft on board your vessel. Depending on the size and configuration of your boat, you can opt for a bag or container design.

  • In a bag: the raft will be easier to store on small boats 
  • In a container: the raft will be better protected against bad weather. It also allows an easier transport or a launching.

There are a multitude of accessories available to effectively stow your liferaft on your boat, such as stainless steel racks for placing on the deck or balcony.

In any case, never place your liferaft on the bottom of the boat. It must be easily accessible to deploy as quickly as possible in an emergency situation. 

If you have any questions about the stock of an inshore raft, its characteristics, the price, or the number of miles of shelter that is tolerated for each model of liferaft, please do not hesitate to contact our teams. 

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