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Boat shower drainage systems allow the water from the shower to be drained off the boat. These systems typically consist of a flexible hose that connects the shower to the boat's drainage system, along with a trap and drain plug. The hose is installed under the shower floor and connects the trap to a drain pipe that carries the water away from the boat. The drain plug is used to open and close the drain pipe when water is drained from the shower. It is important to install a shower drain system on a boat in order to effectively drain the water from the shower and prevent problems with overloading the boat's drainage system. A shower drain system can also be useful in the event of water damage, to quickly remove water that has seeped into the boat's hull.

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A shower drainage system is essential if you have a bathroom in your boat. A shower drainage system is available in 12v or 24v depending on your electrical system and is composed of a pump, tray and filter and will be able to drain several shower trays at the same time (1 to 3) so the waste water will be sent outside.

On board your boat, the shower drainage system is usually electric and powered by a battery or the boat's engine. The pump can also be equipped with accessories, fittings, hose, check valve to prevent backflow. During navigation, the shower drain can send the water outside, but it is recommended to use a storage tank for waste water with a pump that will allow you to empty your waste water into the sewer once back in port.

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