Don't run out of fresh water with a watermaker. It will transform sea water into fresh water. More and more common on pleasure boats, this type of machine pumps and filters sea water. On average, for every 100 L of water drawn, a watermaker produces 10 L of fresh water for the crew. Generally used as a complement to a real fresh water stock, desalinated water remains clean to drink and can be ingested or used in cooking. Find compact watermakers ideal for a pleasure boat, but also modular or special watermakers for long crossings with a higher output at the best price at comptoir nautique.

Dessalinisateurs d'eau de mer
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dessalinisateur pour bateau

How does a watermaker work?

Marine watermakers are very useful on pleasure boats so that they never run out of drinking water. A watermaker offers between 10% and 30% production depending on the size of the product. A compact watermaker will produce less fresh water from the same volume of sea water than a large watermaker.

A marine desalinator pumps seawater through a network of pipes and a very fine filter. The water is then sent through a membrane under very high pressure, the water molecules pass, but not the minerals and impurities, this is called reverse osmosis. 

However, desalination consumes a lot of energy.

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