Heating for boats

Heating in boats can be an important issue, especially in areas where temperatures can get cold during the winter. There are several heating options for boats. Water heaters that run hot water through the heating system and can be combined with a boiler to heat tap water, and air heaters that draw in cold air to draw out warm air.

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Water and air heaters are two other heating options for boats. Here's how they work:

  • Water heaters: These devices use a circuit of pipes to carry hot water through the boat and distribute it through radiators or air vents. They can be powered by a boat engine, boiler or electric generator. Water heaters are effective in heating the entire boat evenly, but require a relatively complex piping system and installation.
  • Air heaters: These units use a fan to blow warm air into the space to be heated. They can be powered by electricity or a boat engine and are relatively easy to install. Air heaters are effective for quickly heating a cabin or confined space, but can be noisy and consume a lot of energy.
  • Unit heaters: These heaters use a compressor to produce hot air and distribute it to the space to be heated. They are often used in vehicles, caravans and boats to provide heat when on the move. It uses the heat produced by the engine to diffuse it in the boat or vehicle. It can be coupled with a water heater.

It is important to choose a heating system that suits the needs and characteristics of your boat, and to ensure that it is properly installed and maintained.


Heating on a boat is a key element in ensuring comfort on board. Water and air heaters for boats are popular because of their efficiency and low consumption. There are many variations of boat heaters on the market, each with its own features and price.

The choice of heater for your boat depends on several factors, such as the size of the boat, the number of cabins to be heated, the duration of the navigation and the water temperature. Accessories, such as radiators, unit heaters, are also important to ensure an even distribution of heat.

The price of the boat heater can vary considerably depending on the product category, accessories and brand. Contact us to check availability before purchasing, or for any questions about the product and technical details.

Onboard heating is essential for comfortable sailing, especially in colder climates. Boat heaters are often electric and use the boat's batteries or engine to heat the air and water on board. Forced-air heating is great for quickly heating the interior of the boat.

Boat heaters are an important part of keeping your boat comfortable, especially during long voyages in colder climates. Boat heaters offer a variety of product categories, brands and prices to meet the needs of different types of boats. Heaters and other accessories are also essential for even heat distribution on board.

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