Safety equipment

It is important to have the proper safety equipment on board a vessel to protect your safety and the safety of others on board. The use of safety equipment can help prevent accidents and injuries and ensure the safety of all crew members while sailing.

Équipement de sécurité
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accessoire de sécurité


Here are some examples of safety equipment that can be useful on board a ship:

Ship's Knife: It is recommended that a ship's knife be kept on board the vessel in case of need. This knife can be used to cut ropes, nets or other materials, or to perform other tasks that require a blade.

  • Safety Helmet: A safety helmet can be useful when working on the ship or sailing in harsh weather conditions. It protects your head from impact and potential injury.
  • Safety Gloves: Safety gloves can be useful when performing tasks on the vessel that may be abrasive or involve the risk of cuts or scratches.
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