Heating accessories

The heating system is essential, whatever your use and the type of houseboat you have: motor or sail. It brings a temperature adapted to your comfort on board.

A complete system, whether air, water or unit heater, requires a number of accessories and associated products.

In this section you will find the product, spare parts for your heaters and accessories for your electrical appliance.

Comptoir Nautique offers you the best prices and always up to date stocks.

Accessoires chauffage
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Accessoire et chauffage bateau

Choose the best heating accessories for your boat

When you're looking for heating accessories for your boat, you'll find a wide range of products to meet your specific needs. These include water heaters andunit heaters. Water heaters are designed to provide efficient, even heat on board, using the boat's engine to heat the water and distribute it throughout the various spaces.

It offers optimum comfort and economical operation. As for the unit heater, it uses an electric heat source to produce warm air and diffuse it into the environment. Ideal for boats without a pre-existing water heating system.

Whether you're looking for spare parts, accessories or complete heaters, you'll find everything you need to maintain a pleasant temperature on board. Compare prices and choose the best heating accessories for your boat, ensuring comfortable use of your heater on board.


If you're looking for additional accessories to optimize the use of your heating system, we offer a selection of practical accessories. These include thermostats for temperature control, installation kits, remote controls and much more.

Make sure you have all the accessories you need to use your heater effectively on board. Discover our range of quality products, adapted to different heater models, and find the accessories that meet your specific needs.

Get the best thermal comfort on board your boat with our selection of top-quality heating accessories, and find the parts you need to maintain your heater.

Les meilleurs accessoires de chauffage bateau
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