Control and steering boxes

Boat control boxes and steering boxes are devices for controlling the acceleration, clutch, steering and direction of a boat remotely from the cockpit. They are used to adjust the boat's speed and direction of travel, by operating a steering wheel or one or more levers which transmit the movement to cables connected to the engine. They can be installed on the side or top of the cockpit, depending on the pilot's preference. Steering gears, on the other hand, are positioned aft of the steering wheel and transmit movement to the rudder. They are suitable for boats with single or multiple motors. 

There are different types of control and steering boxes for boats, depending on functionality, mounting and price. A distinction can be made between single-lever and dual-lever boxes. Single-lever boxes allow you to control the engine with a single lever that handles both clutch and acceleration. They are simpler and more practical than twin-lever control units. Two-lever gearboxes allow you to control the engine with two separate levers, one for clutch and one for acceleration

There are also several types of steering gear, such as standard mechanical steering or mechanical steering with planetary gears. Each type of gearbox is suitable for different types of boat, depending on length and maximum engine power.
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Boîtiers de commande et de direction
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