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To keep the interior of your boat dry and cool, Comptoir Nautique offers a wide range of ventilation systems. The accumulation of humidity can lead to mold and bad odors. Dory box, windsock or other aeration system will allow you to fight efficiently against the heat and the humidity in your boat.  

Boite Dorade Bateau & Aération - Comptoir Nautique
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Boite à air sur le pont d'un voilier


Several ventilation systems are present on boats. Allowing toclean the air, to fight against humidity or to lower the temperature of the cabin, the ventilation is a preponderant point of the comfort on board.

From the traditional windsock to the clamshell system, including the fabric windsock for deck hatches, you will find in our selection of products all that the yachtsman will need to ventilate the interior of his ship. 

A good ventilation of your boat requires the connection of a classic dorade box, or a flap box, to various air hoses, which will bring the air from the boat's deck. In case of a sea package, you will then need a system allowing air to pass through without letting water in.

Our advisors will be there to answer all your questions, by phone, e-mail, or on our social networks.


In order to avoid the entry of water by strong rain or sea package, we propose you gilt boxes with automatic flap allowing the ventilation to be constantly opened without letting pass the humidity. Indeed, the Cool'N Dry system, proposed by our partner Plastimo, closes the air inlet only when water falls on it, while allowing its immediate evacuation. 

The diagram opposite explains how it works:

  • The windsock always remains open. Thanks to the innovative self-closing system, water cannot penetrate in case of bad weather or sea pack.
  • The arrival of a heavy sea or rain (2) momentarily closes the flap, preventing any water intrusion into the cabin.
  • As the water drains out (3), the flap moves back up and allows the air to flow again.

However, you can close this opening manually by pressing twice on the button inside the cabin.

A selection of dorado boxes, with or without this system, are available on our Comptoir Nautique website. 

Boite dorade avec système Cool'N Dry

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