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Keeping your food, drinks, catches or baits in optimal conditions means having the right equipment. That's why we offer you, in these sections, a selection of the best in terms of coolers and refrigerators.
You will find different technologies, from the simplest to the most efficient, to store your food: passive rigid cooler, electric compressor cooler, thermoelectric cooler, boat cooler and portable cooler.

All these products are optimized for marine and outdoor use . Their components are, generally, treated anti-UV and stainless.

Glacière & Réfrigérateur
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Glacière électrique et réfrigérateur pour bateau


Different types of boat coolers and refrigerators are offered here to best suit your needs. Whether you are a boater on a sailboat, a catamaran, a motorboat or a fishing dinghy, your needs and requirements will vary. 

On a houseboat, you may prefer a single or double door refrigerator (49 liters, 130 liters and up to 200 liters), or a drawer refrigerator (for smaller spaces). For your dinghy or for fishing with friends, you will choose a rigid or electric cooler, more compact and more transportable.

The Dometic brand presents us, for example, the electric cooler with compressor CoolFreeze CFF, offered in two capacities (34 liters and 44 liters), allowing, in addition to effectively preserve the cold, to access a freezer. You can easily set the temperature and cooling mode via its LED screen, over a range of +20 ° C and -18 ° C.

Rigid (passive) coolers, on the other hand, focus on the essentials: excellent preservation thanks to perfect insulation and robustness against the elements and the weather. Designed to be easily transported, they are no less efficient, like the models from Igloo, a specialist in the field. They are particularly recommended for fishing, camping, bivouac and outdoor activities.


All these refrigerators or coolers are not limited to use on board a boat. Indeed, the most compact ones can easily be transported and/or installed in a caravan, motor home, van or even your car. Ultra portable, an electric compressor slide will still offer you several liters of storage.

You will be able to enjoy perfectly preserved food, but also and above all, cold drinks, even ice cubes for some coolers offering a freezer option. Others will even allow you to reheat your meals. Unfortunately, they don't cook for us yet.

Most models of coolers and refrigerators are 12V and 24V compatible for battery connection, and 115V / 230V for mains connection (regardless of the country's electrical standard). 

Coolers are particularly popular for their comfortable seating. Anglers will appreciate this, especially since many offer a built-in measuring stick to check the size of their catch.

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors for all details concerning prices, stock or delivery of our boat coolers.

Glacière frigo pour camping, caravane et fourgon aménagé
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