Boat galley equipment

On-board comfort is all the more important as it defines the sailing experience, whether you're sailing for pleasure, inshore, offshore or coastal... Your vessel's equipment and accessories are essential to ensure conviviality on your sailboat or motorboat.
That's why we've selected
the kitchen equipment you'll need to grill the fruits of your catch, or cook the vegetables that accompany them, as well as everything you need to set up your on-board galley: hob, gas stove, gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, gas plancha, as well as accessories, supports, regulators and protective covers.
Of course, we've also thought of those who prefer to travel on dry land and would like to fit out their van, camper van or motorhome with a quality product at the best price.

Equipement de cuisine bateau - Comptoir Nautique
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plancha et barbecue pour bateau


You will find in these shelves cooking systems adapted to life on board and able to meet the requirements of navigation. For example, you will discover the Gourmet Catalina II IR Gas Barbecue from Magma, offering an infrared combustion system that produces intense and uniform heat and can accommodate fish, meat, vegetables and brochettes of all kinds, for 6 to 8 people.

In another genre, you can also opt for the Cook'n Boat gas griddle from Eno. Nomadic and very practical, it will easily find its place on the deck of the boat or on the rail. Equipped with a powerful burner and an enamelled plate, it will delight up to 6 people.

At anchor, at the dock or on the beach, you can safely treat your guests to sea-worthy stainless steel barbecues and planchas that will follow you on all your adventures at sea or on land.

Of course, we also offer a range of accessories to make it easier to set up your kitchen on board your boat: from propane adapters to protective covers, stainless steel grills and baking trays, crockery, cooking accessories, not forgetting all types of supports for BBQs, stoves, ovens and gas plancha


Nomads don't just talk about boats, seas and oceans. The adventurers also cook on the road. That's why we suggest to all adventurers of the asphalt to equip their van, camper, caravan or simple camping tent, with equipment and products adapted to the open air, in order to enjoy the fire in full safety.

Indeed, most of the cooking and baking utensils in these shelves can be used on land as well as at sea, on the beach or in the mountains, on a cruise or on a hike.

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors by phone, e-mail or social networks after consulting our product sheets, for more information on stocks, availability or delivery times. You are sure to find the product you need at the best price at Comptoir Nautique to improve your life on board your boat.

Plancha et barbecue pour van aménagé
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