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Depth sounder, loch-speedo, windvane anemometer, course compass: gather all the information you need for good navigation in the cockpit of your boat. If you're a regatta sailor, you'll want to focus on performance with NKE or B&G Triton instruments, which provide maximum real-world wind information, with the option of entering boat-specific data (polar charts), and displaying the wind with an upwind magnifier, VMG... If you're looking for a marine navigation radar, we've got just what you need in the "radar" category.

Find all the major brands (Raymarine, Garmin, NKE, Calypso...) of wind vane, loch-speedo, tridata, clipper, sensor, display, power station, sounder... at the best prices at, the French specialist in marine electronics.

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centrale de navigation


The navigation center groups together the instruments required for navigation: windvane, log-speedo, gps, depth sounder... It cross-references the data generated by these various sensors and instruments, to enable you to visualize navigation information (heading, wind, true speed, speed over ground, relative speed, angle of heel, GPS position, rudder angle, depth, engine info, etc.) on a multifunction display such as the Tacktick, and derive the best heading/speed compromise, or VMG.

This data can, if necessary, be fed to the autopilot, which in turn can send, for example, the commands to change the angle to the rudder.

The latest innovations proposed by the major brands of the market (NKE, Simrad, B&G, Garmin) allow the computers to compile a large amount of information and to automate the navigation efficiently.

All its onboard technologies, widely used in regattas, are accessible to boaters.


All of your onboard instruments can be interconnected through the NMEA 2000 (or N2K) network. Each instrument or sensor is able to "talk" to the others via this wired system and its standardized norm. It's your internal network that makes steering easier, optimizes your route and monitors certain parts of your boat, like the engine, for example.

This standard succeeded NMEA 0183, which was slower in transfer and had less interconnection capacity.

Most of your instruments can be connected very easily in NMEA 2000: GPS, anemometer, autopilot, speedo, digital compass, gyro, engine, rudder, depth sounder, and even VHF radio,AIS and man overboard systems. 

This information can then be analyzed by a computer and managed from the interface of a display, to highlight your navigation data: boat speed, wind speed, GPS data etc.

Our passionate experts at Comptoir Nautique are at your disposal to answer your questions about available stock, prices, shipping and delivery of your orders, but also for technical points concerning products and instruments.

Console de navigation
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