Pilot console and remote control

An essential part of your autopilot, the pilot console allows you to operate and give commands to your autopilot. Some manufacturers, such as Raymarine, Garmin or Simrad, offer wireless remote controls that allow you to control your autopilot from anywhere on the boat. Comptoir Nautique can help you choose your autopilot console.

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Afficheur pilote automatique

Why choose a control panel or a remote control?

Taking full control of the autopilot via a handy little accessory, tempting no? That's the role of the console and remote controls.

Depending on the model, the options differ, but the goal remains the same: to have an intelligent system for easy and safe maneuvering. Choosing the control panel is the final step in implementing the autopilot system.

These devices are not compatible between different brands: one Raymarine pilot remote for one Raymarine pilot.

The technical characteristics of a remote control or a pilot console

The pilot console has a screen and buttons, often located below the screen. This equipment has a brightly colored display; the interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The menu tree is simple to be operational quickly.

The buttons can take different forms for convenience: push buttons or rotary switches. The pushbutton controller is often used more on sailboats, while the combination of the two is more suitable for powerboats.

The remote control is a wireless accessory capable of controlling the autopilot functions. Easy to use and with a simple design, the remote control has an ergonomic keyboard, and an illuminated screen depending on the model. The wireless remote controls work by simply connecting to a base station. The remote controls are easy to use, as well as being waterproof and buoyant.

Pupitre pour pilote automatique bateau

pupitre ou télécommande pilote auto bateau

Which control panel and which remote control to choose?

Looking for a color autopilot console? The Raymarine p70s is designed specifically for Raymarine sailboat pilots. Simrad has developed the AP44 autopilot control panel. Its intuitive rotary selector and button controls give you easy access to driftless steering, automated turn templates and other advanced steering functions. Raymarine's S100 wireless remote control offers 5 ergonomic buttons for accessing extended functions. Wireless access allows communication up to 10 meters from the base station. Convenient!

It's up to you to choose the most suitable equipment to operate and control your autopilot! 

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