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The power unit is the link between your boat's autopilot and the steering system. It is this power unit, also known as the autopilot motor or drive unit, that acts on your steering system. An electric or hydraulic linear actuator is preferred for sailboats, a hydraulic pump for powerboats with hydraulic steering. Some sailboats like the recent Dufour use rotary engines. Comptoir Nautique offers you its selection of products.

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choisir unité de puissance pilote automatique

Which power unit according to the bar system?

If the steering system is hydraulic, you should refer to your steering system documentation to determine the capacity of the hydraulic steering cylinder mounted on the boat.

Motorboats with an older Z-Drive base, such as Four Winns or Ombrine, are usually equipped with a cable steering system with hydraulic power assist. For these boats, a universal Z-Drive kit should be installed.

Sailboats with mechanical steering systems can use two types of cylinders, depending on the space available and the possibility of installation:

  • Hydraulic linear actuator: This self-contained device consists of a hydraulic actuator, a reversible pump and a tank. The hydraulic linear power unit is fixed directly on the rudder sector or, by adding a wick arm when no anchoring is provided on the rudder tube. Strong point: no wear and tear because of the closed hydraulic circuit + very little friction on the tiller.
  • Electric linear actuator: The installation is similar to that of a hydraulic actuator with the difference that this model is bulky because of its monobloc construction. Strong point: powerful thrust + silent operation. 

Which model of jack or pump to choose, which equipment for the boat's autopilot?

Hydraulic cylinder, tiller cylinder, linear cylinder, hydraulic pump, rotary motor... install all the elements to fully enjoy your autopilot.

Lecomble & Schmit's 40ST16 Newave is a linear hydraulic cylinder with an adjustable rod and an integrated electrical bypass. Easy to install, it is easy to install directly on the helm. Raymarine's mechanical electric actuator is designed for ST4000 / SPX-5 / EV100 Tiller pilots. Particularly robust, it is perfect for sailboats with tiller. The Garmin hydraulic pump steers the boat in conjunction with the hydraulic steering system and according to the instructions given via the pilot controller. Suitable for mechanical systems, theSimrad DD15 power unit is particularly compact and powerful. The motor can be installed on boats from 30 to 40 feet. The universal Z Drive kit fits on boats with a sterndrive motor with power steering. The tiller is operated like a steering cable! 

Choose the right power unit for your steering system and take advantage of the autopilot mode. 

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