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Navigate safely with our boat chartplotters. Simple, intuitive and rugged, our chartplotters enable you to create waypoints, manage your autopilot... These multifunction color displays are highly upgradeable. You can connect your radar, thermal camera, GPS sounder and much more. AISGPS sounder and much more. Compatible with Navionics navigation charts, Garmin or C-Map, depending on your device model.

Discover our range of GPS chartplotters and multifunction displays or sounder handsets at the best prices, with 24h to 48h delivery for products in stock
You can choose between screen size, screen type, device compatibility and NMEA compatibility.
Find the best ranges from each brand: Garmin EchoMAP and GPSMAP 1223 for example, Humminbird Helix, B&G Vulcan and Zeus and Raymarine Axiom ...

EchoMAP 72
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EchoMAP 92
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gamme GPS traceur de carte


You want to conquer the sea and you are looking for the best solution to navigate serenely? Equipping your boat with a GPS chartplotter is the most efficient way to face the waves .

Waterproof and, for the most part, with a touchscreen that doesn't consume a lot of power, these marine jewels bring you great security, especially if you're discovering new places. Able to notify you of the presence of a simple buoy, you can navigate without fear of encountering obstacles.

A real dashboard, the GPS marine chartplotter positions the boat on the chart and notifies you of elements on the route. Depending on the model, you will be able to locate yourself, mark positions,be informed about tides, marine currents, different routes and even the time of your arrival.

Whether you own a large sailboat or a fishing boat, our selections include the leading brands of chartplotters such as GARMIN, RAYMARINE, HUMMINBIRD, B&GSIMRAD and FURUNO. And our accessories: bracket, cover, cable, external GPS antenna, etc.

Usually referred to as a boat chartplotter, boat GPS or GPS marine chartplotter, there are also English terms like Plotter or Chartplotter. But it's all the same electronic boat GPS with a color screen.

Don't miss our 3" to 5" handheld GPS units, such as the NMEA-compatible GPSMAP 276Cx, GPSMAP 79s and GPS 73 positioner.

A GPS chartplotter is now an essential part of your navigation, whether you're on a sailboat or a powerboat. Given the vast choice of marine chartplotters on the market, here are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying.

Choisir son gps traceur de carte

How to choose a GPS boat tracker ?

A boat GPS plotter is much more than a basic marine GPS. Depending on the model you choose, you can upgrade it with additional peripherals:

  • AIS boat: connect a AIS receiver or AIS transponder to view nearby equipped boats.
  • Marine radar: In fog or when sailing at night, view all ships and coastlines, and navigate around storms.
  • Navigation instruments: Depending on your GPS plotter's compatibility, you'll be able to display loch speedo information, depth sounder, wind vane, engine information, compass...

And for the more demanding users who opt for a multifunction display, you can add a radar or depth finder to your GPS plotter. And enjoy all the functions of this type of device, whether for fishing or navigation.

Fonction d'un lecteur de carte marine

What are the functions of a GPS plotter map reader?

The primary function of a GPS plotter is to locate your boat in real time using thebuilt-in GPS antenna. By adding a Navionics, Garmin or C-Map GPS marine chart, depending on the compatibility with your screen (see our mapping category), you will get the details of your navigation area.

A card reader may have a touch screen, a mixed touch screen and keys, or simply a physical button.

Save and find your favorite places or fishing spots quickly by placing individual markers called waypoints on your marine GPS.

Plan your navigations by simply programming your routes: place different waypoints according to your itinerary, and the GPS chartplotter will link them up thanks to theGPS antenna

Be sure to choose the right chart for your GPS boat, Navionics Huminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine. Navionics Vision Garmin, C-map Lowrance, Simrad, B&G ...

You are now ready to sail.

Some chartplotters allow you to automatically create your route by taking into account the parameters of your boat: draught, air draught...

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