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Essential equipment to ensure your safety during your sea outings, the lifejacket adapts to your nautical activities and your needs. Sailing, kitesurfing, dinghy or paddle, Comptoir Nautique offers you a great selection of life jackets. 

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Sortie en mer avec gilet de sauvetage

The vest for safe sea trips

Choosing the right lifejacket is critical to your safety at sea. Your life depends in part on the quality of your safety equipment. Before going out to sea, make sure your boat has enough life jackets: one for each person who boards. Falls into the sea are more frequent than you might think. Equipped with a life jacket, a real buoyancy aid, it is more reassuring to wait to be rescued. 

There are several types of vests, you can opt for a classic vest or prefer an inflatable vest. The latter are simpler to wear and more practical to perform maneuvers. You will also have to choose between manual or automatic vests. The automatic vests usually have a manual option.

Choosing the right lifejacket based on buoyancy

The regulations impose rules concerning the wearing of life jackets. Since January 2010 this regulation is determined by the Division 240 and frames the models to be worn according to the type of excursion and the navigation areas. This standard gives a buoyancy value expressed in Newton.

If you are sailing in an area that is 2 miles or less from a shelter, you must wear a 50 Newton life jacket or life jacket.

For a navigation between 2 and 6 miles, it is necessary to wear a 100 Newton lifejacket, foam or inflatable.

Beyond 6 miles, your lifejacket must have a power of 150 Newton. When sailing on the high seas, the harness and lanyard must be worn with the lifejacket.

Gilet de sauvetage gonflable avec capuche

Gilet de sauvetage pour enfant junior

Vests for all sizes

A good lifejacket is one that fits the wearer's body type. S, M, L or XL, choose the size that suits you! To make it effective and comfortable, the life jackets offered are equipped with zippers, padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist straps. If you want to choose a lifejacket for a child, be sure to consider the weight of the future wearer.

It's up to you to choose the lifejacket with the greatest care! You will also find a selection of lanyards and rescue lines. 

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