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In addition to the main components, the boat autopilot requires mounting accessories. Find all Raymarine compasses, pilots, rudder angle sensors, tiller pilot elbows, bulkhead plugs... Whether you have a motorboat pilot or a sailboat pilot, we have the accessory you are looking for at the Best Price.

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Composant et accessoire pilote automatique bateau

An autopilot, components and accessories

Compass, power unit, electronics unit and rudder angle sensor make up the autopilot's components. The compass transmits the boat's course to theelectronic unit. When the autopilot is on auto, the ACU electronic computer stores the course and sends instructions to the power unit to right the rudder if necessary. The rudder angle sensor measures all rudder movements to avoid going off course.

A multitude of autopilot accessories

Tiller pilot accessories such as extensions, elbows or pedestals come in handy. 

  • Extensions allow you toadapt the length of your cylinder to your boat, and you will find models of different lengths. 
  • Elbows are great for catching the height of your tiller and correcting horizontality. 
  • The pedestal, another mounting accessory for the tiller pilot, raises the attachment to the bench to make up for the gap between the tiller and the cylinder. 
  • The cantilever is an element that allows the pilot to be fixed on a vertical part rather than on a bench. 
  • The rudder angle sensor helps measure the position of the rudder to provide information to the electronic computer. This ensures accurate navigation and improved course keeping. 
  • The autopilot bulkhead socket, installed on the cockpit bulkhead, allows the autopilot to be connected. You can connect the power supply or other interfaces at the back. 

And to save energy on board, try the Ecopilot plug.

Each accessory has its own practicality and usefulness on board.

Accessoire pilote automatique bateau cantilever, piedestal, coude
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