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In order to better stabilize your freshwater fishing boat, the front motor, or geostationary motor (Trolling Motor) will be your best companion. 

In this category, you'll find the best of the best in terms of electric freshwater bow motors and the best brands(minn kota, Garmin, Lowrance). Whether you're looking for automatic or manual lift, remote control with a foot pedal like the FORCE 127cm motor , or a built-in probe like the minn kota terrova, this is where you'll find what you're looking for to improve your fishing sessions.

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Moteur géostationnaire Minn Kota


If you are used to fishing in fresh water, by boat or float tube, you will probably have experienced some inconveniences: drifting under the wind, noise nuisance of an internal combustion engine for prospecting, difficulty to find the visited spots... The electric front motor solves most of them, for a more efficient and virtuous practice.

From the simple small electric motor with pedal control, to the automatic lift motor with integrated welder, you will find in this category a large number of products adapted to your needs.

You'll find the market leader, Minn Kota, offering a range of geostationary electric motors for boats, from the most basic, controlled by a cable pedal, to the most powerful, including interconnectivity with Humminbird fishfinders

The most technical engines are equipped with the iPilot function which allows to replace the pedal and to remotely control the front electric motor via a wireless remote control adding many functions such as course tracking, track storage etc... This is the case of the minn kota powerdrive or the minn kota ulterra which has the advantage of having the automatic lift for example.

The iPilot Link is the most advanced system in terms of piloting, it benefits from all the iPilot functions in a touch and customizable remote control and offers the piloting of the engine via the compatible GPS Sounder, the auitomatic follow-up of the contours and relief of the LakeMaster charts etc...

Most of the models are equipped with a GPS system or SPOTLOCK function (virtual anchor) allowing, in particular, the compensation of the drift in order to remain perfectly static on the water.

Want to know more about the electric motors features?

See the guide 


In order to better choose your front electric motor for fresh water, we have put together a buying guide that you will find here. You will be able, for example, to define which power or thrust of the motor (expressed in pounds or lbs) will be the most adequate for your boat. This will depend mainly on the length and weight of the boat. 

The battery voltage will also be an important point to consider: 12 V, 24 V or 36 V.

Whatever the question you may have, do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or e-mail. We will provide you with technical information as well as information about prices, stock availability, delivery...

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