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Why not enjoy good food and grilled dishes on your sea outings and boat cruises? We've selected for you the best performing, most suitable and most practical gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues and gas plancha. Designed for outdoor use, all these products benefit from stainless steel materials compatible with marine conditions, easy maintenance and all the safety required of on-board equipment.

Barbecue & plancha bateau - Comptoir Nautique
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Barbecue et plancha pour bateau


In this section, we offer you several different ranges and technologies to best suit your needs. For example, you will find the high-performance barbecues from the Magma brand, offering innovative cooking technologies. On these gas barbecues, compatible with standard Camping Gaz cylinders, the radiant plates are associated with a convection heating system, for a homogeneous cooking, not being afraid of the wind and consuming a minimum of gas. You can also connect this BBQ to the existing low-pressure propane/butane on-board fuel systems.

However, if you prefer to manage your own embers like the adventurer you are, the excellent Cook'n Boat charcoal barbecue, from Eno, will be your grilling ally. Made in France, it is easy to install on its feet or on the balcony. It has a large cooking surface and a grease trap. Enough to delight the whole crew.

All these equipments are, of course, adapted to a terrestrial use and you will be able to enjoy your grills on the beach, at the campsite, in your camper, caravan or van.


Even if the sea is its initial destination, with stainless steel constructions in particular, the boat barbecue is, like all barbecues, also suitable for use on land . Indeed, you can enjoy grilling, gas, charcoal, or steaming with the kettle barbecues, during all your outdoor outings.

The appropriate accessories and supports are available in our dedicated department.

Be sure to find the most suitable product at Comptoir Nautique, always at the best price.

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors by phone, e-mail or social networks after consulting our product sheets, for more details on stocks, availability or delivery times. 

Barbecue bateau sur la plage
Plancha pour bateau

Barbecue or plancha for boats, what's the best choice?

Magma barbecues and plancha grills are of impeccable quality, with meticulous detailing and sturdy stainless steel finishes. This equipment will enable you to enjoy delicious meals in the open air, by the water or during your sea outings.

  • Plancha for boats: A plancha is the ideal choice for healthy, tasty cooking on board. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it offers even heat distribution for perfect cooking results. With its spacious hob, you'll be able to prepare a variety of dishes to satisfy every palate. What's more, the plancha is easy to clean and maintain for extended use.
  • Barbecues for boats: Our barbecues are specially designed to meet the demands of sailing. Equipped with durable grills, they allow you to grill meat, fish and vegetables with precision and ease. Some models are equipped with a lid for indirect cooking and better heat control. Barbecues are designed for easy assembly, with mounting options to suit different types of boat. They can be gas or charcoal.

When choosing your boat barbecue or plancha, take into account details such as grill size, construction materials and mounting options (many mounting accessories are available). Consult our complete product list to find the model that's right for you. Take advantage of other boaters' opinions to help you decide on the quality and performance of our barbecues and planchas.

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